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Covid Policy

COVID-19 Policy

The Club Marine SA Boat and Fishing Show is committed to providing a safe environment for patrons to visit and participate in.


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic we will be working with venues, local governments and local / state health departments to provide a safe as is practicable environment for patrons at our shows.


The Club Marine SA Boat and Fishing Show’s COVID-19 Policy serves to adhere to the guidelines surrounding:

  • Hygiene
  • Contact Tracing
  • Physical distancing

The Club Marine SA Boat and Fishing Show appreciates your assistance in following policy guidelines to ensure a COVID-Safe event. Please be advised that this Policy is subject to change in accordance with State and Federal government guidelines.


What can you expect when you visit the Club Marine SA Boat and Fishing Show


Arriving at the show:

  • Prior to the show we will be promoting the purchase of online tickets. This will mean that visitors to the show can enter the show with minimum contact with other people.
  • Our show entrances have been increased in size and will have specific entry points to reduce queuing and allow for an effective flow of people into the show.
  • Signage will direct you as to which entry point to use.
  • Patrons are encouraged to adhere to physical distancing guidelines if queuing, and event staff will remind patrons of this.
  • Staffing numbers at the entry points have been increased to assist with the flow of people through the entries. Staff members are working under guidance from show management so please show respect whilst they do their job.
  • Pre-show advertising and at show signage will advise that if you are not feeling well to please stay at home.
  • As required by law: Where tickets are purchased at the show, visitors will be asked for contact details. This will mean full name, telephone number and number of persons visiting with you. Refusal to give this information will mean that you will be denied entry to the show.Contact tracing information will be kept on a protected file within a show database and only released to the appropriate authorities if a case of COVID-19 is reported from the show. This information will not be shared with any additional unauthorised third parties. Please refer to Premiere Events’ Privacy Policy for further information on collection, storage and releasing of personal data.

During your visit:


  • Patrons are encouraged to physical distance during their visit to the show, keeping within the 1.5m distancing guidelines.
  • Cleaning staff on site to have been increased and will be working throughout the entire Show times to ensure that “touch points” are cleaned frequently.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at entrances/exits.
  • On site toilets will have soap available at all times.
  • Some activities around the show may have restrictions on the number of people who can watch at one time. Signage will be in these areas to advise patrons.
  • Some exhibitors may have limits on the number of people on their stand at any one time.
  • Food areas will be spread over larger distances to allow for physical distancing practices.
  • Be advised that some exhibitors and food outlets may only take contactless payments.
  • If you are not feeling well while you are at the show, please speak to St John’s First Aid officers immediately.
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